Notes from Friends and People Who Care

With so many people whose lives were touched by Scott, this page is from those that wish to share something special about who Scott was and all he had to offer.

This was one of my brother’s favorite cycling moments. In 2004 he was in a Comcast commercial with Lance Armstrong and he was so proud of being asked and participating. I wanted to share this as an example of how important cycling was to him. He spoke of how cool it was to meet Lance, how nice he was to the cyclists in the commercial, and how much fun he had. Thinking of you every day my dear brother.

Your sister,


Even though it was only for three short years, we were lucky enough to have Scott as our next door neighbor when we lived in Santa Monica. We also had the pleasure of baby sitting Kona a few times when he was out of town. My husband was very happy to keep his mountain bike riding buddies (Scott, Billy & Tom) even after we moved from Santa Monica to Brentwood almost 4 years ago.

The story that was told by his best friend at the memorial service regarding Scott’s point of view in treating stainless steel appliances made a lot of sense to us. We actually benefited from his detailed cleaning instructions since our housekeeper’s wife was his cleaning lady. He will be missed by all of us!

P.S. The enclosed photo that we took with him was taken at a party given by Billy & Nancy Ong at their townhouse in March earlier this year.


Christina Chan & Perry Wong

Hi Scott,

I didn’t know Scott Bleifer, I only read about him on Sunday, Sept 18th, the day after I returned home to LA after riding from San Francisco. I took the train from LA to SF on 9/10 and began the ride with my buddy Dave on 9/11. I did this ride for my 41st birthday. I know Scott was 41 and I know he planned to ride the same trek the following week, and I also know the horrible feeling of sprinting through each construction zone and “no shoulder” zone of PCH. A quick glance over the shoulder and if it’s clear you go, but even a sprint is no match for a speeding car. My friend and I each had close calls on our ride, I was even bumped off the road by a tour bus at one point. It breaks my heart to know that Scott and Stanislav were less fortunate. I had put a site together of my journey for friends and family, but after reading about Scott I decided to dedicate the site to him. I intend to make a donation to the Arthritis Foundation as well in his honor. I mean no disrespect at all having not known Scott, so I’d like to ask your permission to put a link to your site so that maybe others can contribute in his name as well. If you care to see the site, it’s:

Thank you,

Jayme Younger

[Jayme, we’re honored by your kindness and sincerity. Please do share Scott’s passion, thanks!]


The family celebrate Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary on Hawaii… the origins of Kona’s name (Scott’s wonderful chocolate lab) lie here.


Thank you Peet’s at Montana Avenue for all of your kindness and support over the years!
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